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Tonnin stiflat (Thousand Mark Shoes) is a street larp played in Helsinki. It’s the year 1927 and the city is buzzing: prohibition, jazz, women cutting their hair short, construction towards a European metropol, memories of the bitter civil war. The characters, Helsinki residents with different backgrounds, face various themes of right and wrong, revenge and forgiving, legal and illegal.

The first season consists of a pre-meeting and three episodes. You find our game schedule here.

We warmly welcome international guest players or supporting cast! Please contact us at Our names are Niina Niskanen and Simo Järvelä, and our previous larp campaign, Neonhämärä (Neon Twilight) was played in 2008 – 2012. In Tonnin stiflat we utilise the experience we have acquired.

P.S. ”Tonnin stiflat” is also a song by a Finnish rock musician Tuomari Nurmio. It is written in ”Stadin slangi”, the street slang of Helsinki. Stadin slangi was born in the 1880’s as a common language of street boys. It is influenced by Finnish, Swedish and Russian. The song is about walking around the old hoods and meeting  all the familiar faces still hanging around while the expensive shoes that are clearly very dear to the protagonist identify him either as a dandy trying to be someone or as someone who has managed to leave those circles already behind him.


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